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TPBC is perfect for both individuals and teams to train in baseball and softball. Fitness and strength training also available.


Baseball and Softball

Triple Play Batting Cages is outfitted by Atec and Jugs Sports Equipment.

We have three (3) full-sized batting cages raging from 55ft to 65ft and two (2) 35ft cages ideal for front toss and the0007 little ones. Each cage is equipped with an L screen and Softball screen for live batting practice as well as a pitching machine. We offer both baseball and softball (slow-pitch & fast-pitch) machines.  For the little ones we have Jugs lite machines…no pain…all fun.


Need to put in your pitching work…we got you covered.  A full sized baseball pitching mound is available for regulation bullpen sessions.  Additionally, two fastpitch matts are available for girls fastpitch.

Fitness/Strength Training

Triple Play also offers a 1,600 square foot open area for fitness strength 0006training.  All the necessary equipment for individuals, small groups and teams to train is available, including but not limited to…a power rack station for bench press, squats; a pull-up station, various tension power bands, dumbbells, kettle-bells, agility ladders, hurdles, cones, etc.


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